Kim Wallace

Handmade Ceramic Mug - Stormy Blue

Gorgeous handmade ceramic mug, made from white porcelain clay and hand-dipped in two layered glazes to create our stunning stormy blue colourway. This elegant shape roughly holds a generous 380ml (over 13.5oz), the perfect coffee cup for large cappuccino’s or use for your daily cups of tea.

Each piece is created using a technique called slipcasting, where liquid clay is poured into a plaster mould, left to set for the desired thickness and the excess slip poured out. The inside and rim of the mug are glazed with our non-toxic, food-safe white gloss glaze. The outside base of the cup is left unglazed and has a beautiful tactile feel.

All Kim Wallace's ceramics are fired to very high temperatures, making them very strong, durable and dishwasher safe. External unglazed surfaces are highly vitrified and water & stain resistant.

Approx. 9cm diameter x 9cm high
Holds approx 340ml (12oz)